How do I schedule a demo?

To schedule a demo and screen share with Uniworld Online for data review and exploring search opportunities, please use the following link to access our scheduling tool, Schedule a Demo with Uniworld Online. You can select a time that suits you best, and we’ll be ready to assist you during the meeting. We look

How do I purchase a report?

To start your report search on our platform, follow these steps: Our dedicated team will then promptly respond to your report request with comprehensive reportpricing information. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reachout to us directly at 201-384-4900 or via email at We are here toprovide the support

Where is the Login button?

Access to Uniworld Online can be achieved through two different methods:IP Authentication or Referring URL: If you are accessing our platform through IP authenticationor a referring URL, you will need to log in through your university, public library, orgovernmental entity’s portal system. You should select the Uniworld Online link within yourinstitution’s portal to gain access.

What datasets are provided?

[*Should the parent company website not provide a distinct subsidiary contact/email/website address, a contact/email address/website from the parent company will be used. The subsidiary location address will always be provided.]

What filters can be used in a search?

All filters can be used simultaneously. Keyword Search: Search a company name for the parent, subsidiary or “division of”.Create a family tree by selecting the parent and “division of” boxes. Keyword Search: Search for any words in a company description. Use this filter forindustries and other descriptive words Parent Companies Headquartered In: Search single or

How can I geolocate a Parent or Subsidiary location?

To filter results for either Parent Company or Subsidiary within a specific zip code or postalcode, please follow these steps: For a zip/postal code “exact match” select this radius option which will return results for theexact zip/postal code and not a radius. For example, if you choose France 75000 postal codeexact match, the data will

Do you offer historical data for purchase?

Since 2016 we regularly release three dataset snapshots yearly in June and December. Thesesnapshots provide an up-to-date overview of the data in our database. For subscribers, historicaldatasets are available, allowing access to past information for reference and analysis. If you’reinterested in purchasing a historical data report or have any related inquiries, please don’t hesitateto contact

Do you offer latitude and longitude coordinates?

Absolutely! We do provide longitude and latitude coordinates for parent companies andsubsidiaries with an individual purchased delivered Excel report and as a subscription option.Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at for further details andpricing information.