Are you including all retail chain locations globally?

With our new global platform, our policy is to include a representation of the retail locations within every Country. We also include the company store locator website URL within the company description.

How often is the data updated?

Daily – as corporate business changes occur. New firms are added and existing firms are updated on a daily basis. Overall, each and every record in the databases is reviewed at least every eighteen months; sooner should a major change take place within the firm. A "Corporate Watch List" from major new organizations is maintained to quickly update our data with announcements of impending mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and spinoffs, buyouts, etc. All updates and edits are available to our customers within 24 hours of the update/edit.

How do you obtain your information?

Our data support specialists conduct proprietary research. Our primary sources of information are the parent company annual reports, press releases and other public and private sources not to mention the relationships developed over fifty years in business. We also rely on telephone and email conversations for verification and clarification. Our data support specialists double-check all data collection and entries for data quality and completeness. We may be as efficient as a robot but each entry is given the personal touch.

Where is the "Login" button?

If you are subscribed using IP authentication or referring URL (as most academic institutions do) a Login button does not exist. If you have purchased a list as a print or Excel download or you are using a username/password account follow these simple steps. 1) From the homepage, click "Search Now" 2) Below the top (darkened) menu bar will be a sub-menu on which you’ll see "My Purchases." 3) Click "My Purchases" then enter your account credentials. Any problems... just be in-touch.