The most accurate global company contact information database

In a world where data mining and web-crawling is the norm for collecting data, the Uniworld Online editorial department has a more human touch to ensure the quality of our data. Our data surpasses our customer’s expectations and guarantees a successful advantage that no competitor can match.

Uniworld Online provides data on "Who Operates Where Worldwide."  In order to meet the criteria for inclusion in our database, a company must maintain an additional office in a country other than the country of their headquarters.  The size, revenue, or types of industry are not considerations for inclusion... just an "overseas" location.

Our multinational company contact information is researched, written, and reviewed daily by our in-house editorial staff, providing real quality by real people. The outsourced efforts that our competitors resort to cannot replicate the quality standards and discernment of our in-house USA team.  Our data is reviewed by our proprietary Quality Control software, and all new data entered into our database is approved before we make it available to our customers. It includes not only new and revised data, but also deleted data.

Our editorial staff reviews annual reports, press releases, and electronic publications, provided by the multinational company, on an annual basis. If we still can’t find what’s needed, we contact the company directly by telephone or email for verification and clarification.

While all data is confirmed from multiple sources and twice reviewed in-house, Uniworld Online cannot guarantee that the information received from a company or website, as the basis for an entry, to be entirely accurate. In addition, the designations and listings should not be considered definitive for legal status.

Our primary source of information is the parent company, to confirm we get it right the first time... so our customers get it right the first time.

Our database is extensive, but Uniworld Online does not claim to be all-inclusive; the data contains only what has been disclosed to us. In a database of this scope, some inaccuracies are inevitable. Should you find an error, please let us know and we will correct, promptly.